Central Research Committee


The Central Research Committee (CRC) is chaired by Dr Tom Shakespeare.  Its inaugural meeting was held on 19 January 2016 in London.

The CRC is a body of experts led by disabled people from across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.  Its membership includes representatives from academia and leaders from civil and civic society.

The purpose of the Committee is to support the DRILL Programme Board (DPB), the National Advisory Groups (NAGs) and make stronger the DRILL ethic of co-production.

The functions of the CRC are:


  • To provide and apply a UK-wide knowledge and perspective to DRILL;
  • To receive reports from each NAG and make the final decisions on which applications the DRILL Programme will fund;
  • To advise the DPB on aspects of the programme in which they have particular expertise;
  • To contribute to the evaluation of DRILL.


The CRC is planning to meet two times per year