This section tells you about:

  • The new ‘Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning’ programme. This is called DRILL for short
  • The sorts of research and pilot projects that DRILL can fund
  • Types of application and the applications process
  • How to complete the application form


DRILL will provide grants for projects to be carried out in Scotland, or Wales, or England or Northern Ireland.  DRILL will also consider funding projects that involve more than one of those nations.  An example of this would be a project carried out in England and Wales.

The Programme will be run by four partner organisations:

  • Disability Action (working in Northern Ireland)
  • Inclusion Scotland
  • Disability Wales
  • Disability Rights UK (working in England)


Each of the four nations has its own DRILL Programme Officer.  The DRILL Programme Officer for your nation will be your main point of contact for anything to do with DRILL. To find information about who the Programme Officers are and how to get in touch please go to Section 3.


This guidance document is available in different formats. So is the application form itself.  If you would like to receive this guidance document or the application form in a different format, please get in touch with your Programme Officer.


Programme Officers can also help you to develop your research proposal. Information about how they can help is in Section 3.


In this guidance document we have tried to explain what we mean when we use words or phrases that may be unfamiliar, or which can sometimes mean different things. At the end of this document there is a list of these words and phrases and an explanation of what we mean when we use each of them.  This part of the document is called “Useful information on words and phrases”.  You can find it Annex 1.


We have tried to make this guidance and the application process as accessible as we can. But we are learning too! If you have ideas about how we could make any of this more accessible, please tell your Programme Officer. Also get in touch with them if there is anything in this guidance that you do not understand, or any questions you have that this guidance does not answer.


Please read this guidance very carefully. When you have read it, if you think you have a good idea for a research project or a pilot project that meets the criteria, we encourage you to apply. The guidance should help you to make your application as strong as possible.


Thank you for your interest in the DRILL Programme.


Good luck with your application!
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Dr Sally Witcher OBE                               Kevin Doherty

Chief Executive Officer                             Chief Executive Officer

Inclusion Scotland                               Disability Action



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Dr Liz Sayce OBE                                    Rhian Davies

Chief Executive Officer                          Chief Executive Officer

Disability Rights UK                          Disability Wales