Section 4 – Part 1:

This page is currently being updated and for information only.

This section goes through each of the questions on the application forms and gives more information about what your answer needs to cover. There are slightly different application forms for ‘Stage 1’ applications and ‘Fast Track’ applications. This section covers both. The same forms can be used for research projects or for pilot projects. Most of the time the way you need to answer the questions on the application form is the same for both types of project. But if any different information is needed about pilot projects the guidance tells you what this is.


Part 1:  About the people involved in the project

In this part of the application form we need to know all about who will be involved in running and delivering your project.


It is likely that more than one organisation will be involved. You might want to involve individuals from outside your organisation because they have skills, knowledge or experience that you need. This is because everything you need to make a strong application probably won’t be available in any one organisation.


Mostly this is just asking for practical information. We’ll also be looking to make sure the people involved have all the experience, skills and knowledge necessary for the project. If they don’t it might be possible to provide some support, but it depends what is needed.


For each of the partners we need you to tell us about:


  • The person who is involved
  • The name of their organisation (if they have one – it might just be an individual)
  • The type of organisation it is. For example, it might be a disabled people’s organisation or user-led organisation, or a charity that is not led by disabled people, or a University. It might be a voluntary sector organisation, or a public sector organisation, or from the private or independent sector
  • The best way to contact the person, if we need to. One way might be better due to an access issue, or for any other reason. Or it might not matter
  • What their role and contribution would be to the project
  • What experience and knowledge they have of those things


A      The main contact

The partners involved in the project need to agree which one is going to be the main contact for DRILL. This can be any of the partners. The main contact will be the organisation we will communicate with, and who will communicate with us, on behalf of all the partners. The main contact would also receive and manage the grant from DRILL, manage the partnership (though all involved have responsibility for making sure it works well) and provide reports to us, if your application is successful. But please note, although they are the ‘lead’ partner in this respect, it does not mean they necessarily lead on anything else. See criteria E.3 ‘Led by disabled people and coproduced in equal partnership with others’, Section 4: Part 2.  Coproduction means working in equal partnership, even if different partners have different roles.


Please tell us about the main contact’s experience of managing grant awards and partnerships. Then tell us about anything else they will contribute towards the project and their experience and knowledge of those things.


B      Other partners

We then need to know about each of the partners involved in the project. There are a set of questions to answer. Please complete one set of questions for each of the partners.


C      Conflict of Interest

We then need to know if there are any conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest could happen when anyone involved in your project, or their organisation, also has a role in assessing project proposals. An example of this is where a National Advisory Group member is also part of your project partnership. It might look like they were assessing and making recommendations about their own project and that this would be unfair. This does not mean that people on the National Advisory Groups, or their organisations, cannot be involved in DRILL projects. But it is very important we know about anything like this so we can take action to make sure everything is fair.


This section asks you to tell us about anything like this.  Please complete one set of questions for any of the partners who may have a conflict of interest.